About us

Getting to know us
Fed Reach wants to make sure that you have a great experience working with us.

Information Technology is quickly being commoditized and large systems are rapidly being offered as a service through cloud providers. As this progression takes place, the market dynamics change greatly; this is where Fed Reach, Inc. (FRI) can partner with your organization to ensure a level of service and understanding that other larger IT providers do not offer and would rather deliver a solution that does not fit your needs. FRI balances your budget requirements while maximizing the best in class supplies to meet and exceed your requirements. FRI has partnerships with all major OEMs and suppliers to ensure availability and competitive price consideration. We have a secure supply change methodology that ensures products are genuine and meet regulatory & trade compliance. FRI is a small business started in 2010 with over 30-years of direct knowledge in Government procurement, commercial and international operations & logistics. FRI adapts to the changing landscape of technology; the agile nature of being able to source and deliver IT supplies in cost effective matter is important to our customers’ success. FRI works closely with customers to assist in design and implementation of their IT infrastructure. Your consideration gives our team a chance to show you the difference that we can make in your procurement requirements.



To deliver solutions to each client that ensure their mission goals are met.


Fed Reach is culture driven to excel in all that we offer. This culture of excellence is a part of our DNA and is instilled in our professional and private lives, supporting all those around us. Goal one is always to finish the task at hand, no matter what challenges are before us. At Fed Reach, success is never an option; it is a mandate.

We are strong proponents of operating responsibly through strong business conduct and ethics as well as giving back to the community that we serve. All of our employees are leaders and represent the core values of the company to each and every person they touch.


  1. Understanding the Mission
    Each client has a unique mission that sets them apart, at Fed Reach we take the time to understand the client's  core mission.
  2. Responsibility Matters
    Each employee at Fed Reach has the task of being a trusted provider to our client's most critical needs. We take this trust very seriously and ensure that all dealings with us comes with high ethical values.
  3. Failure is not an Option
    At Fed Reach, our success is directly in proportion to our client's success. No matter how difficult the challenge, we will find a way to get it done or inform our clients up front.

Our amazing team

Fed Reach has a dedicated team in place that values a winning culture based on success through client satisfaction. We will stop at nothing to ensure success for your organization's needs.


Fed Reach wants to build a partnership with each of our clients. The best testimony to success is having clients come back to us fulfill more requirements in a timely and competitive manner.

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