Our Offerings


Fed Reach has access to the right technology and technologist to make you organization’s mission succeed. One of the core foundations of Fed Reach is to ensure your mission success and we do that by offering the right solution at the most competitive pricing available. We offer a broad range of IT equipment, software focused on specific technology areas that we know are important to your mission needs.


Effective Solutions

Fed Reach experts will analyze your requirements carefully and offer the best value solution at the lowest price. This ensures your project is compliant, on budget, and on road to successful implementation.


Worldwide Logistics

One key factor for any order is our ability to have it delivered to your facility as specified. Every location has different delivery requirements from inside delivery to UID and custom labeling. The experts at Fed Reach will do it correctly the first time.


Technology Sourcing

Anything from a mouse to a enterprise class storage systems are offered. We know how diverse requirements can be and we will get you what you need. Fed Reach maintains strong partnerships with OEMs and suppliers.


Cloud Computing

Let our experts walk through cloud computing solutions that are cost effective. Cloud computing is simple, requires less capital expenditures and offers instant scalability, reliability, as well as disaster recovery.


Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is by far the fastest growth area. With this comes concerns about untethered access to your network. Our experts will provide solutions that securely and safely manage your mobile assets.


Cyber Security

Our experts develop solutions that integrate into your enterprise that are compliant with your business process and metrics. Our solutions mitigate threats; optimize security resources; and flexibility without compromising security.


Storage Solutions

Even with the availability of Cloud computing, storage remains a key factor within any enterprise. From onsite storage to backup, we can develop the right storage solution to operate efficiently with your current infrastructure.


Network Solutions

With all performance requirements from mobility, cloud and rich media, your network infrastructure is probably the single barrier to productivity. Our experts can perform a network assessment for the right size upgrade.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Many clients need experts to come in a work as part of the IT team to provide focused support in complex IT enterprises. By using our service professionals you can be assured that you be within budget and meet the demands of your projects.