Asaduz Khan brings nearly 30-years of experience both in Government and Commercial markets. After many years of successful engagements for other companies he has previously worked for, Zaman finally thought the time was right for him to take his successful formula and start his own company.

Asaduz Khan served as Executive Vice President of business development at Intelligent Decisions, the company’s primary department for new business identification, tracking and capture.

He leads the team that develops strategies in wining new business within government, education, healthcare organizations and Fortune 1000 companies focused on professional services and engineering.

Khan has been with Intelligent Decisions for more than 18 years and has deep insights into all of the company’s business units.

In addition to his current duties with ID, he operates Intelligent Decisions Global Procurement, which is a product and software distribution company operating globally.

Previously, he worked at WIN Laboratories for five years growing the small whitebox manufacturer from $20M in revenue to nearly $135M prior to his departure. The revenue growth was coupled with numerous contracts in the federal, state and local government space.

Before joining WIN Laboratories in 1991, he work for Sysorex Information Systems for five years, where he was part of a new management team that pursued federal contracts without the company having any prior significant government contracts.

Khan and the Sysorex team grew a $32M company to over $750M in backlog contracts in less than four years. Khan with his father and elder bother opened a college in a small village from his native Bangladesh in 1991.

Since then, he has enjoyed funding several scholarships to underprivileged students annually, in one of the poorest regions in the country.

Since the opening of college, it has become fully accredited and is funded by the government and has become a story of achievement and success for students that would otherwise live the rest of their lives farming and living on less than $50 a month.

Asauz is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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