Worldwide Logistics


Our world economy is now globalized and no longer a localized system of supply chain. The need for companies to be able to ship products anywhere in the world in a seamless fashion is key. Customer only want a single tracking number no matter how complex and how many changes in hand a shipment may take before its final destination.

At Fed Reach, we understand global logistics and have the proper partnerships in place with key shipping companies to ensure timely and accurate delivery of goods. Being part of the global economy is high on the priority list for Fed Reach, whether it is to capitalize on global sourcing opportunities to reduce costs and assets, take advantage of availability of goods, or tap into the surging business and consumer markets of EMEA and other emerging markets.

As a non-asset based global logistics provider, Fed Reach partners with key air, ocean and ground carriers to provide customizable and integrated global transportation solutions. These partnerships allow for greater leverage in both space allocation and pricing, along with the ability to offer more consistent transit and lift options.